Arrange marriage or love marriage ?

Arrange marriage or love marriage ?

Arrange marriage or love marriage ? Love or arranged marriages is still a debatable topic in the Indian society. People still debate on the issue, which one is better.In love marriage you know the person and you know that you want to be with him/her. In love marriages expectations are more compared to arrange marriages, as they know each other and they want their partner to act in the best possible manner.
While in arranged marriages you don’t know more about your partner.In Arranged marriages the women get more protection and security as parents decide it.

Arrange marriage or love marriage  is just a question in minds of married couples who are not satisfied or are frightened to live with an unknown partner for whole life.

In many cases arrange marriage that turned into love and now in divorce or love marriages turned into arranged and now having in divorce.
So in our views it doesn’t matter arrange or love its just depends on each others understanding.Every one has their own experience about it.Neither a love marriage nor a arranged marriage can guarantee success and both have their own advantages and disadvantages.These are not dependent on the marriage types but the partners.

Arrange marriage or love marriage ? What you think ?


2 thoughts on “Arrange marriage or love marriage ?

  1. Inter caste marriage or arrange marriage, to make both successful you need a good life partner and supporting parents. And it’s about time our people realize it and have open mind. And for me traditional arranged marriages are stupid….both girls and boys are no display items that the families go and see them and decide.

  2. Now a days arrange marriage is not by force at least in educated family. in my case my father has given me sufficient time to disucss future plan with girl, check whether tuning is matching or not. Many a times only look is not important for a girl but she should be well cultured should belong to good family, she should respect elders, which i guess very rarely found by love married girl.

    Girl in love marriage is rarely good in handling relations, else she only thinks about herself and her husband.

    So i prefer arrange marriage. Meet girl fir at least 4 times at different places. Check how she reacts, openly talk about your expectations and your families expectations. Try to encourage her for further studies. And never forget about asking her whether she is ready marrying with you or does she like some one else. If she answers sharukh or ranveer, please don’t mind, give her promise that you will meet her with them. 😛

    Best of luck in your partner search.

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