Marriage bureau to promote inter-caste marriages

started marriage bureau to promote inter-caste marriages


The Lions Club of Palanpur has started marriage bureau that promote inter-caste marriages.

This is good news for those couples who are going for inter caste marriage.Inter caste marriages are very common now a days but still couple has to face a number of problems in their marriages.

The people who attends launching of the bureau were of the opinion that caste system and religious discrimination are major hurdles in the path of India’s progress.

The Lions Marriage Bureau (LMB), social reformer and convener of Kabir Ashram Sadhvi Sarlaben said, “It is a welcome step on the part of the club.”

President of the club Yasin Bangalwala said, “Usually, elders do not involve youngsters in arranging marriages. It is our maiden attempt to give the right to youth to choose their life partners themselves.”

The bureau, said club will charge nothing from those coming to the bureau and will provide them with all the necessary help in getting married.

You can read more about this here.


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