Inter-caste marriages Benefits

So many State governments¬†in India started proving cash awards, special incentives etc. benefits for those who are doing inter caste marriage in order to abolish the demerits from society in the name of community,caste and religion, the inter-caste marriages benefits can be availed by approaching the concerned State’s Directorate of Social Justice and Empowerment.

Maharashtra government has decided to gift Rs 50,000 to a couple opting for inter-caste marriage. The state cabinet on Tuesday took the decision with the view to abolish caste system in the state by encouraging inter-caste marriages, an official from CMO said. Earlier, the amount was Rs 15,000, he added.

The government would give a cheque of Rs 20,000 and invest Rs 25,000 in postal savings scheme, Indira Vikas Patra, in the name of the couple. The remaining amount would be given in form of marriage expenditure or household things, the official said.

The government has been implementing the scheme from 1958 and 50 per cent of the fund is given by the Centre.

Documents Needed :

  1. Marriage Certificate issued by the Sub-Registrar
  2. Separate Income Certificate of husband and wife issued by competent authority
  3. Caste Certificate of husband and wife issued by the concerned authority.
  4. Joint photo of the couple.
  5. Residential Certificate issued by the concerned authority



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