Inter-caste marriages still not cool in IT City

Inter-caste marriages are still considered a taboo even in a cosmopolitan city like Bengaluru. This was evident when enumerators conducting the survey visited some houses in the city.
Though there are many who have tied the knot from different castes, they are opposedto talk about it.Enumerators are finding it difficult to get the column on inter-caste marriage filled as couples are refusing to reveal their caste, especially if one of them belongs to a backward caste.
Many women, who opted for inter-caste marriage, refused to specify the caste of their spouses separately. They want to identify themselves with the caste of their husband’s family, said KC Kalavathi, a school teacher leading the survey in Ganganagar, north Bengaluru.

According to enumerator C Puttaswamy, some inter-caste couples said they have chosen to lead a life away from the caste hierarchy and should be considered ‘casteless.’

There is confusion over which caste should the inter-caste couple declare for their children. Several citizens who have converted (not officially) without the consent of their community elders are worried about the caste segment, since it will play a major role in seat and job reservations.

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