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Share your success story to help young guys who are facing problems in their love and inter caste love marriage.Your story can make some others happy married life.As everybody knows inter caste love marriages has lots of problems from there family and society. So please tell whatever problems you were faced, how to convince your parents and solved it successfully.

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  1. Hi, I truly love a girl who is not my caste.My parents are against love and inter caste marriage.They think, how they will face in society and community if i will marry in other caste.
    It is very difficult to live without her.we both are very serious for each other.
    I don’t want to make my parents sad, but i can’t marry another girl.
    please suggest how to convince my parents for it.

  2. Hi Aditya , As per my successfull inter caste marriage experience shared few tips. Hopes this will helps you.

    Talk to your parents at correct time better when they are in good mood. Avoid when they are tensed.
    Try to explain the qualities of the person you love in front of the family members.
    Find the marriages in your family or outside which are intercaste and were successful. Use them while discussing your relationship with your parents.
    Find some people like your married brothers/sisters or cousions to support you when talking about it with your parents. Keep your parents away from relatives or people who are against inter caste marriage or love marriage.
    Ask them to at least meet your future partner and then decide.
    Never pressure them by saying that you will run out with your partner.
    Try to make at least one of your parents on your side.
    If nothing else works, tell them politely that this is the person you have chosen for yourself and they should try and accept it because at the end of the day it is your life.

  3. Hi there! I simply want to give you a huge thumbs up for your great info you have right here on this post. I will be coming back to your website for more soon.

  4. From ancient people had not thought about caste,there are several examples to prove this.
    Out of that one famous story of Khandoba and Banai’s marraige.
    Khandoba,also known as Martanda Bhairava and Malhari, is a Hindu god,
    worshipped as a form of Shiva, mainly in the Deccan plateau of India,
    especially in the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka.
    He is the most popular Kuladaivat in Maharashtra.
    Even though they had not thought about cast, kul etc when he married to Banai. Khandoba not only married with Banai (Dhangar) but also married with other cast’s girls .
    Khandoba, noticed that respect, bhakti, love of Banai and he decided to marry her even though she is from caste Dhangar.

    Khandoba has many wives who are women from many communities, who serve as cultural links between the god and the communities.
    He has five wives, Mhalsa and Banai/Banu/Banubai being the most important.
    While Khandoba’s first wife Mhalsa is from the high caste Lingayat merchant (Vani) community,
    his second wife Banai is a Dhangar (shepherd caste).
    Mhalsa has had a regular ritualistic marriage with Khandoba.
    Banai, on the other hand, has a love marriage by capture with the god.
    Mhalsa is described as ugly, jealous and a good cook;
    Banai is erotic, resolute, but does not even know to cook.
    Often folk songs tell of their quarrels.
    Mhalsa represents “culture” and Banai “nature”.
    The god king Khandoba stands between them.

    Mhalsa is believed to be a combined avatara of Mohini and Parvati.
    Mhalsa was born as the daughter of a rich merchant in Newase called Tirmarsheth.
    On the dinine orders of Khandoba in a dream to Tirmarsheth,
    she was married to Khandoba on Pausha Pournima(the full moon day of Hindu calendar month of Paush) in Pali(Pembar).
    Two shivlingas appeared on this occasion.
    An annual festival marking this event is celebrated in Pali every Paush Pournima.

    Banai is believed to the daughter of Indra, the king of the gods.
    Banai was found by Dhangar shepherd, when she was abandoned on earth by an angry Indra.
    When Banai grew up, it was predicted that she would get her match at Jejuri.
    There, she felt in love with God Khandoba.
    Khandoba also felt in her love.
    Khandoba accepted a self-exile for 12 years by intentionally losing a game of chess(Saripat) to his wife Mhalsa.
    He took disguise of shepherd and started serving Banai’s father.
    One day, Khandoba killed all the sheep and goats of Banai’ father and promised to make them alive again if he was married to Banai.
    The reluctant Banai was married to Khandoba, the shepherd in disguise at Naldurg.
    Khandoba revealed his real form to Banai on their way back to Jejuri.

    On reaching Jejuri, Khandoba was greeted by Mhalsa’s fury and her strong protest of his second marriage.
    To avoid the quarrels of his wives, Khandoba gave the upper half of the hill to Mhalsa and the lower half to Banai.
    The idol of Mhalsa is placed with Khandoba in the main shrine at top of the hill at Jejuri.
    A separate shrine to Banai is situated halfway down the hill.

    Khandoba’s third wife, Rambhai Shimpin, is a tailor woman who was a heavenly nymph or devangana
    and is sometimes identified with Banai.
    She is a prototype of the Muralis — the girls “married” to Khandoba.
    Rambhai is worshipped as a goddess whom Khandoba visits after his hunt.
    She is also localised, being said to come from the village from Belsare, near Jejuri.
    The fourth wife Phulai Malin, from the gardener or Mali caste,
    She was a particular Murali and is thus a deified devotee of Khandoba.
    She is visited by him at “Davna Mal” (field of southernwood, a herb said to be dear to Khandoba).
    The fifth wife, Candai Bhagavin, is a Telin, a member of the oilpresser caste.
    She is recognised as a Muslim by the Muslims.
    Apart from these, Muralis — girls offered to Khandoba — are considered as wives or concubines of the god.

    1. THanks Mahi, very good writing, you mentioned all the things in very consisely and clearly. I am impressed with your writing.

      Because of this at least people who are unaware about Khandoba /Martand would know about him and his inter caste marriages.


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