Thanks to Sairat youths take up fight for inter-caste marriages

Thanks to Sairat youths take up fight for inter-caste marriages


Inspired by recently-released Marathi movie Sairat, a group of youngsters has joined hands to create a network to support inter-caste and inter-religious marriages. The group, apart from counselling, will find jobs for the couples and offer them protection in extreme situations.

Sairat Marriage Group was formed following heated discussions on social media over the movie. “When we posted in support of the film, critics taunted us to do something in real. We said yes,” said Harshal Lohkare, a volunteer, who is studying journalism.

The word spread like wildfire and within one-and-a-half weeks, they started getting calls expressing willingness to volunteer for the cause. Activists in support of such marriages came forward with suggestions.


“Six couples have already approached us and we are counselling them. We first understand their problems, which range from unemployment to caste and religion boundaries. Our job is to initiate dialogue and provide all possible help the couples need,” he said.

The group is likely to contact recruitment agencies and HR departments of companies to find jobs for the couples. Besides, around 20 flats in Pune have been identified where the couples can stay free of cost for at least two-three months after their marriage, if families refuse to budge.

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